Monday, August 06, 2007

Yang Sing, Camelon, Falkirk.

What is it with us Scots? Why do we always think more is better? Is this the logic that we are adopting by the creeping growth in buffet nights at Chinese restaurants? What’s makes me pose these questions? Well, a while back I had the unfortunate experience to eat at the Yang Sing at Camelon, Falkirk. In short, it was one of the worst dining experiences that I have had the displeasure of experiencing in recent years.

When we walked in through the doors of the Yang Sing and I was astounded by the amount of people who were either seated or waiting to be so. To say this restaurant was full doesn't cut it. It was bursting at the seams. I've always reckoned you could tell a good restaurant by the amount of people that dine, but unfortunately this cannot be said for the Yang Sing. After a 15 minute wait we were taken to a bench style table that was designed to seat about 12 people. The waiter explained that the menu only consisted of "eat as much as you want" for £10.00. Mmmm, okay I thought.

So after placing our drinks order, up we strode along with the rest of the Falkirk population to queue in front of what all intents and purposes were feeding trough’s. We were confronted by what could only be described as an unappealing stodgy Chinese food mountain. The starters were three types of soup, pancake rolls and filling, spring rolls, and won tons. The spring rolls were veggie and were ever so slightly greasy. There were main dishes such as mushrooms in batter, chicken in its many forms, together with beef dishes, ribs, mixed vegetables and mushroom satay. There were also noodles, fried rice and the obligatory chips. The sauces include curry, sweet and sour and lemon sauce. If you were not satisfied by the this the you could gorge yourself on the sweets such as chocolate gateau, banana fritter, ice creams, fruits and cheesecake.

It sounds okay on paper, but all the dishes appeared to be mixed together, droplets of curry sauce was mixed in with the sweet and sour sauce. What would pass a vegetarian dish was partly mixed with meat dish. I will spare you further detail, but needless to say it was minging. It was like eating in an airport cafe. Terrible! It was just horrible.

We were in and out the restaurant in less than 30 minutes, never to return again. I suppose the buffet meal at the Yang Sing is ideal for people who can eat ‘til they drop! But for those of us who expect a tiny wee bit of finesse, better value and real choice I would advise you to dine elsewhere.


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