Friday, October 15, 2010

Gloagburn Farm Shop and Coffee Shop

We stumbled upon on this wee gem some years ago and it has become one of our family favorite stopping off points on our travels.

Gloagburn Farm Shop and Coffee Shop is on what the Buddha calls "the back road to Perth or to Crieff if your going the other way". To normal people that is just of the A85 as you come out of Perth, take the road signpost Tibbermore, go past The Bield at Blackruthven and drive for about a mile. You will see Gloagburn on the right.

Set in the scenic Perthshire country side, Gloagburn is a working farm with pigs, hens, dogs, horses and ducks with a pond. Importantly, there is also a farm cafe and shop. The shop sells a wide range of home grown farm produce or locally sourced produce. Some really good stuff, if not a wee bit pricey. The cafe has a good selection of quiches, cakes and deserts that would tempt many a Buddha and I have been tempted many a time.

When we arrived we were promptly seated within the conservatory area of the cafe. The Buddha likes this dining area as he can do his nosey to the comings and goings around Gloagburn. The Buddha's wife was as usual tempted by what could be bought from the liquor license, but the Buddha put his foot down as it was only 1pm. Far to late to be drinking alcohol! We ordered a pot of tea and a white coffee. We also ordered carrot and coriander soups and a couple of vegetarian quiches with a crisp salad. We scoffed the lot.

Then we decided that we may have a wee something from the wide selection of fruit crumbles and pies, sponge puds, served with custard, cream or ice cream. But, thinking of the Buddha's tum we decided on another coffee and tea and fruit scones with jam. What a treat. The food was delicious and well cooked. Homely in feeling.

I have never been disappointed by the quality of food served at Gloagburn. The staff are always very friendly and helpful. Gloagburn is a great place to unwind for a couple of hours. If you find yourself in this neck of the woods you really should stop off. You won't regret it.


Contact Details:
Gloagburn Farm Shop and Coffee Shop
Tel: 01738 840864

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Smiling Jacks, Stirling

It's not very often that the Buddha gets invited to a corporate night out. The event was a celebration of a young start up company ( and it was held within Stirling's mexican restaurant Smiling Jacks.

I have to say that mexican food is not my first choice when dinning out. In fact, I would state that I would rather graze in broken bottles than go to a mexican restaurant. However, in the spirit of a celebration and good company I thought why not. I'm glad I did too.

When we first arrived at Smiling Jacks I was struck by the tiny size of the restaurant. I have to say that it is a bit cosy to say the least, but has a warm and friendly atmosphere. We were seated intimately at our table. The Buddha enquired as to how many people Smiling Jacks could seat the waiter stated confidently 50. He must have been a miracle worker as I could not see it. Double decker seating arrangements never heard of that before. But, hey how, you know the young they can work the magic.

Well, the chef at Smiling Jacks certainly can work the magic. We were presented with what can only be described as a fantastic array of mexican culinary delights. The hosts had ordered a buffet selection of mexican dishes including nachos, bucket of bones, fajitas, burritos, enchiladas and tacos. The vegetarian and meat (chicken and beef) dishes were seasoned to perfection with a variety of beans, herbs and spices including chilli, cumin, oregano, cinnamon, chipotle, garlic, onions and peppers. I would love to get the recipes for guacamole and salsa as they were just divine. The food was well washed down with numerous cerveza's (Corona, Sol, Dos Equis), whilst the ladies were delighted with the frozen margaritas.

To say that the food was mouthwateringly delicious would be an understatement. We all ate far to much and to say our Buddha Belly's were full would be an understatement. I had a sneeky wee peek at the bill and it was not cheap, but it was worth it. If Smiling Jacks is anything to go by then the Buddha is converted to mexican food and he will not hesitate to return.

Great food, plus great drink, plus great company, equals a great night out.


Contact Details:
Smiling Jacks
17 Barnton St

The Buddha Is Back

It's been sometime (years) since the Buddha posted on Buddha Belly Eats. The Buddha has been in hibernation since early 2008 and after a long doze he is finally back to provide regular updates on his food and drink exploits.

I hope you all once again enjoy the posts and remember to tell your mates about Buddha Belly Eats.