Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Wavendon Arms Again

This week we're on wee tour down south and we decided to pay another visit to the The Wavendon Arms. Ardent readers of Buddha Belly Eats will recall that I visted the The Wavendon Arms earlier this year. We had booked for 8.00pm and arrived at 7.30pm and settled in the bar for quick aperitif. Well a pint of Bombardier in my case, a small glass of Leffe for the Aussie whooos and a bottle of Pinot for the ladies.

Bang on 8.00pm we were shown to our table. The place was heaving and the atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable. The menu had not changed since we last visited. The “Specials” menu is a daily feature that certainly enticed some of our group. I ordered grilled asparagus, poached egg, parmesan and rocket for my starter and ribeye steak, chilli onion rings, pesto tomato and chips on the side for my mains.

My starter was delicious and I grudgingly shared it around the table. Once I had rescued my starter from the appreciative mouths of the scavengers I summarily devoured it. It was good. No, it was very good. The poached egg yolk mixed superbly with the balsamic dressing. The asparagus was blanched to perfection and combined spectacularly with the poached egg, parmesan and rocket. Mmmmm. I might sneak back today for another plateful. I would give the starter 9/10.

The mains arrived just in time to be accompanied by another pint of Bombardie. The steak had been cooked to medium rare as requested. The chilli onion rings were a tad on the dry side. Maybe, this was result of the dish being placed under a hot plate for slightly longer than it should have been. Still, I did enjoy the steak, pesto tomato and chips. I would give the mains 7/10.

We forced ourselves to order three deserts for the table, two hot chocolate cakes with ice cream and one sticky toffee pudding with cream. We all got stuck in to the puddings and they were a magical way to end the meal. I would give the deserts 9/10.

And finally, is it just me or do the waitresses at the The Wavendon Arms look the same, about 5'5" tall, size 8-10, blonde hair pulled and tied back, black trouser and black t-shirts, tanned or fake tanned and their naval showing. I must be getting dead old because I am finding this whole revealed naval thing a bit disturbing. I can't seem to take my eyes of them. I don't know what I'm going to see, but it does slightly and momentary disturb my thirst quenching activities. I hope that I’m not starting to go through a bare naval induced mid-life crisis thing.

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The Wavendon Arms
2 Newport Road
MK17 8LJ
Tel: 01908 584277


Anonymous said...

Really nice food, but quite expensive. We had two portions of chips for the kids and came in a small bowl and wer £3.00 each.

Anonymous said...

Try the newly refurbished Plough just down Walton Road (less than 1 mile down road at side of Wavendon Arms). It's very good.

The Buddha Belly said...

Many thanks for the posts. It's great to see people reading Buddha Belly Eats. I agree that The Wavendon Arms is a bit on the pricey side.

Also, I did drive past the Plough and it looked very nice. As of yet, I have not had the opportunity to sample its delights.

Anonymous said...

Food good, atmosphere good.
Bar staff delicious especially one guy. What more do you want

Peter said...

The Wavendon arms is still this side of affordable, there are some "Gastro Pubs" in MK that seem to think this is London!

Check out foodguidemk.co.uk for menus & prices (it can save a lot of time & a wasted trip).