Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Clive Ramsay’s at Brucefields Family Golf Centre, Bannockburn

I have visited Clive Ramsay’s at Brucefields Family Golf Centre near Bannockburn on a number of occasions recently and I have had mixed experiences.

My first visit was for a breakfast meeting. Those present ordered coffee and as we were all slightly hungry we also ordered breakfast. I ordered poached eggs on toast with bacon. The coffee and the breakfast meal arrived after an eternity. However, the eggs and bacon tasted as well as they were presented. Very nice. The coffee was less well received as it was bitter and not as warm as it should be.

My second visit was an attempt to get some head space from the chaotic comings and goings in the office. I ordered a cup of coffee and mixed root vegetable crisps with salsa and houmous. When it arrived after a lengthy wait the coffee was barely passable, weak and pretty tasteless. It was also cold. The crisps and dip were good, if not a tad overpriced for what they were. The salsa is really nice though.

I drew the attention of the waiter to the cold coffee and all I got was a shrug of the shoulders as he lifted it and took it from a blast of steam. He returned it with a trace of a smile. Has verbal communication been removed from the competency of a waiter? Mmmm.

On my third visit, I was accompanied by the Buddha’s wife and we decided that we would create our own little buffet and picked the red chilli peppers stuffed with tuna, the classic caesar salad with little gem leaves, croutons, anchovies, fresh parmesan with house caesar dressing and the house cheese plate.

What a feast we had. It was very enjoyable. I love those kind of sharing meals. The Buddha’s wife ordered a glass or two of the refreshing and fruity Pinot Grigio which she thoroughly enjoyed and complemented the cheddar, brie and blue cheese and oatcakes. I washed the meal down with a coffee which was a significant improvement on what I had received on previous visits.


Contact details:
Brucefields Family Golf Centre
Pirnhall Road
Tel: 01786 818805


Anonymous said...

Dear Buddha Belly,
We have read with interest and gratitude, your comments about your various visits to our award-winning restaurant - Clive Ramsay Restaurant at Brucefields and would like to invite you to join me for a lunch there at your earliest convenience.
Do please ring me on any of the numbers below.
Yours aye,
Jonathan Cleland
Marketing Director
Clive Ramsay Restaurant at Brucefields
Direct 'phone:01786-469531
'phone at the restaurant:01786-818805

The Buddha Belly said...


It's great to hear that you read the review on Clive Ramsay Restaurant at Brucefields. Many thanks for offer. I will get in touch in the near future.

As an aside, I also had an Xmas lunch at your place. Well, two in fact.

I will post a review on a number of the Xmas lunches that I had over the festive period shortly.