Saturday, September 16, 2006

Orocco Pier, South Queensferry

It’s true what they say about us Scots in that we really do not appreciate what a beautiful place Scotland is and its right under our noses. It’s not until you take the time to lift your head that you begin to really understand that you do not have travel far to really appreciate what a beautiful country we live in.

Recently, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to saviour one of the most stunning views in Scotland from the restaurant Orocco Pier in South Queensferry. When we arrived at Orocco Pier it appeared to be in chaos. They were catering for a wedding in their Function Room and some of the guests had split over into the restaurant area. This was not a problem as it offered my wife the opportunity to partake in her favourite hobby of doing her nosey into other peoples weddings. It’s a hangover from when she was a waitress at the Crest Hotel in Erskine.

We were greeted politely by one of the waiters and shown to our table. Our first impression of Orocco Pier was “Woow!” We were blown away by the view. Orocco Pier sits on the waters edge of the River Forth, and we were able to soak up the dramatic sight of the Forth estuary and the rail bridge. I am finding it hard to not keep going on about the view. So what did we eat?
We navigated the menu which tempted us with an irresistible array of fusion gourmet offerings. We decided on the Thai crab cakes on fresh leaves with roast chilli and coriander pickle and the chowder of bacon, prawns, mussels, clams, salmon, garlic and cream for our starters. For our mains we decided on the risotto with lemon courgettes and wild mushrooms sun dried tomato dressing and parmesan shavings and the wok fried king prawns, cherry tomato, avocado and coriander salad. My wife ordered a couple of glasses of the South African Chenin Blanc. She really enjoyed the fresh honey and melon bouquet and both glass went down a treat. I, being a boring little Buddha, ordered a bottle of mineral water.

So what was the food like? Both starters offered a remarkable taste and combination of aromas. I could have had them again for the mains. They were great! The mains were obviously done with care and skills as they were extremely well presented. The risotto was perfectly seasoned, the texture soft, nice and sticky without being mushy. The prawns with the salad were fragrant and tasteful. We decided against deserts as we had been satisfied by the starters and the mains.

All in all, we found the meal to be good. The cost of the meal, at just over £40.00, was okay for what it was. However, Orocco Pier is the perfect place to relax and chill. It offers the diner an awe-inspiring restaurant sited on the edge of the Forth. Close your eyes and just imagine the waves’ lapping on the shores makes for a wonderful setting for good food. It’s well worth the trip I promise you.

Contact Details:
Orocco Pier
17 The High Street
South Queensferry
West Lothian
EH30 9PP
Telephone: 0870 118 1664

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