Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Peckham's Outback, Stirling

On recommendation, my wife and I intended to visit the Spice Garden situated on Allan Park. However, we did not book and it was incredibly busy. Which is sign of good place to eat. We would have had to wait sometime to get a table and as time was of the essence, we decided to trot around the corner to Port Street to try Peckham’s Outback.

As we entered Peckham’s, we were struck by the vast array of continental meats, cheeses, pates, cakes, together with the fridges crammed with smoked salmon, fresh meat, yoghurts, desserts and salads displayed within the deli. As we walked through the deli we enjoyed the strong distinct aroma. I love that smell. We arrived at the Outback and we were met by one of the staff. As I have stated in my other reviews, the staff welcome is very important to me and unfortunately this member of did not get off to a good start. I am finding it difficult to state why. He lacked a smile and a little warmth. Subjective I know, but….

Anyway, he showed us to our table and we were given menus. The menu offered a good choice. We decided on the grilled tiger prawns and the deli delicacies. We also order a glass of house red and house white. While waiting for our meal we began to take in the environment. The Outback is very stylish, if not a tad on dark side. The Buddha Belly felt that it could do with a little more lighting.

The wine arrived quite quickly and was very pleasant for only £2.85 for a large glass. Both meals arrived after a short while. The tiger prawns were served on a bed of mixed leaves with crusty French bread. The six prawns were in garlic & lime dressing. My wife thoroughly enjoyed the meal and at £6.95 was good value. The deli delicacies was a feast in its own right. There were two plates of four types of salami, hummus, together with fresh basil pesto, taramasalata, stuffed olives, warm pitta bread and mixed leaves salad. The meal is meant for two, but I scoffed the lot. That’s why they call me the Buddha Belly! I enjoyed the tapas and once again at £6.95 was good value.

As I read over this review three phrases jump out at me and they were that the Outback offers good choice, good food and good value. The meal was made even more enjoyable by the good company of my wife.

Contact Details:
Peckham's Outback
52 Port Street
01786 463 222

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deedee said...

Oh Buddha, you are such a little smoothy, complementing the wife as well!
I am enjoying your reviews but have one criticism only; the mouthwatering descriptions have made me so hungry that i am fast developing a little buddha belly of my own.
Now where did i park that exercise bike?